Optimo Traveler


Optimo Traveler

from 350.00

Fine Weave :   $600, $900, $1300

Supreme :        $2600  available in size 58 cm

                         $3900 available in size 60cm

                         $5000 available in size 57cm 

Our supreme Montecristi Hats are very limited in stock.  If your size is not available, please email us at panamahatsco@gmail.com

BRIM 2 ½ to 3 18 inches

CROWN 4 to 4 ½ inches
(to the top of the center crease)


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This style seems to be one of the first Montecristi model.

The crest that cross the crown, probably became of the natural way that people roll up their hats. It is the only style that we recommend to roll.

The Optimo was sported in a sort of famous movies, like The last Emperor by Peter O'toole, or the Man Who Would be a King by Sean Connery.

As with the Fedoras, there are a few difference in estructures that could be the lower crown, or larger brim.This hat its most admired  in the UK, although is starting to become well known in United States as well. 

The Queality of A Montecristi is measure by the fineness of its weave and the rows in its crown,  varies greatly in quality according to the straw chosen, the expertise of the weaver and the time spent creating it.  

    Panama Legendary Hats, Marine Buchet.