The most beautiful and fine art of the World famous Straw Hats. 

" Montecristi" means the highest standard in the Panama straw hat trade. This hats  take longer to weave, patience, expertise and harder to find.

Just as the magic name of the "Havana Montecristi" signifies the best in Cuban cigars, the " Montecristi Straw Hats " are the badge of the   town of Montecristi  in the coast of Ecuador.

The “Cuenca Panama Hats, traditional Ecuadorian toquilla hat, was added to the UNESCO Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization, of the Intangible Cultural Heritage was incribed in the Lists on 6 December 2012. as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of the World, , a term used to define practices, traditions, knowledge and skills communities pass down from generation to generation .
— Wikipedia


In the South Andean Mountains is the beautiful Colonial City of  Cuenca Ecuador turned as the " Capital of the World transactions" of the Straw Hats known as Panama Hats.

You will find weavers and buyers all around Cuenca, 

Because of the massive people dedicated to this art, the production is also unique. They are oriented more to the world of fashion with a great diversity of styles and colors.